5 Ways Independent Insurance Agencies Offer Better Protection than Other Providers

Independent insurance agencies offer incredible benefits that other providers simply can’t match.

Choosing the right insurance can feel overwhelming, and you’ll likely have a lot of questions. However, you can cut the stress by working closely with providers who care more about protecting you, the customer, than making a sale.

Here’s why it’s best to work with an independent agent:


1. You Have More Insurance Options

Independent agents can get better deals than you might get for yourself or a major company could find for you, because they represent various companies that provide a variety of coverage options.

For example, if you’re looking for home insurance, major companies can only offer their company’s insurance policies; however, independent agents have the fluidity to source a policy from a variety of companies. That way they can come up with one to meet your exact needs.

You don’t need to spend hours scrolling online filling out forms and applications to get quotes. Your agent will do this for you, finding the best price and coverage for your needs.


2. They Meet All Insurance Needs

Need more than one insurance policy?

Independent agents will take care of you, whether you’re looking for auto, home, business or life insurances – or all of the above!


3. They’re Accessible and Local

When you want to get in touch with your independent agent, they’re simply a phone call away.

They’re real people who want to build long-lasting relationships. You’ll work directly with your agent who knows you by name; you don’t have to deal with nightmarish automated telephone processes, long wait times, callbacks, and talking to strangers each time you have a question or concern.  

Independent agents live in the same city or town as you, so they’re typically involved in the community and aware of the benefits and challenges of living the area.


4. They’re Advisors  

An independent agent takes the time to ensure they understand your unique insurance needs — and they make sure you understand the process, too. While their goal is to get you the most affordable insurance, they understand that you need to be appropriately covered so that if there’s an emergency you won’t end up in severe debt or financial chaos.  


5. They Advocate for and Represent You

Your agent will advocate for you if you have an issue, such as billing or claim concerns, or you simply need to change your coverage. Their goal is to represent you, the customer, by looking out for your best interest and intervening on your behalf with honest, forthright information.  

Plus, they understand that lives change, and with time, policies should be updated. Did you recently switch from renting a home to buying? Or are you getting married or starting a business? Independent agents offer to review your coverage when necessary to make sure you have the best, updated policy for your needs.


At Atlantic Insurance, we believe that great relationships are the best policy. Call us today to learn more about our services!