3 Ways to Save Money by Using an Independent Insurance Agency

If you’re looking to save money – who isn’t? – have you considered using an independent insurance agency for your home and auto policies?

Expenses are some of the biggest concerns that people have about insurance, which is absolutely understandable. That’s why an independent insurance agency will assign an agent to work with you one-on-one to craft the most affordable policy with great coverage, so that you never have to worry about money in case of an accident.

How else can an independent agent save you money?


1. Your Agent Does Comparison Shopping

Doing comparison shopping for insurance on your own can quickly drain your energy. Inputting tedious information over and over only takes time out of already-busy schedules. Is there anything more frustrating than that? 

As a result of solo-shopping, many people often settle for the first or second quote they find because they don’t have the time or resources to search for something that would really work for their lifestyle.

Usually, when people rush to get quotes or simply settle for the first or second one they find, the policies 1) are more costly than they should be or 2) they don’t provide enough coverage, which can be a problem in case the unexpected arises.

When you work with an independent agent, they’ll do comparison shopping for you. All you need to do is give your information to your agent — just once. 

From there, they’ll be able to give you quotes from a variety of insurance companies within minutes. They’ll take care of narrowing down a policy that fits your lifestyle and budget while maintaining great coverage.


2. You Can Bundle Policies

Purchasing individual policies from different companies is time-consuming and you miss out on potential deals and savings.

That’s why when you work with an independent agent, bundling your auto and home policies is cost-effective (see last paragraph!). They typically offer deep discounts — your independent agent will offer incentives and is eager to consolidate policies for your convenience and savings. You’ll likely pay a single deductible for the entire policy, too.

Since your agent works side-by-side with you and you already have a relationship, they’ll know exactly what you’ll need. You’ll receive one bill for the bundle each month, and if you’re confused about something, need to file a claim or make an adjustment, you only have to go to one single agent — not dozens of representatives scrambling for account numbers and policy information.


3. Your Agent Will Avoid Coverage You Don’t Need

Big insurance companies often convince customers that they need to spend far more money than they actually do. For example, representatives might mislead a customer and tell them they need a high-wind deductible even if the customer doesn’t live near the water or in storm-prone areas. 

In contrast, an independent agent will focus strictly on whatever you need based on your location, budget and lifestyle. Independent agents are always located in the same town or city as their customers, so they’re experts on area weather patterns, climate, statistics and all the important components that go into choosing policies.   


At Atlantic Insurance, it certainly pays to use an independent insurance agency. With us, you’ll save 20 percent by combining auto and home insurance. Call today and chat with one of our dedicated agents to get started!