So You’re too Broke for Decent Car Insurance? Here’s Why the Cheapest Quotes Are Dangerous

We get it. You’re shopping for car insurance and thinking, “Man, this is pretty expensive. I think I’m just going with the cheapest one – I’m broke!”

That’s an understandable strategy, but is it the smartest one? You might save some money in the short run, but the coverage gaps in a cheap car insurance policy have the potential to make you more broke than you alreadyRead more

Are You Paying Too Much for Home Insurance?

Being a homeowner is a wonderful thing; however, how do you ensure that you aren’t paying too much for home insurance? There are many insurance companies out there that are more than prepared to offer you advice and cite all the reasons that you should want to hire them.

However, you, along with everyone else, want the best deal. Which means you are looking for theRead more